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Having updated this blog to WordPress, I'm now turning my attention to my photoblog — wings open wide. I found a fantastic customisation of the standard WordPress install produced by Mark, called Pictorialis. It has all the great features of WordPress, plus easy image uploads, and automatic resizing and thumbnailing of images. I've tinkered with the stylesheet a bit, and imported my posts from Movabletype.

One slight pain is that I have to wrap the main images in some ``

and ``

tags to get them to work properly with the template, so some of the older images currently look a bit weird. I'm gradually fixing them, along with making a few more minor changes to the CSS and to the format of the archives, so that you can browse by category. I'm quite pleased with the way it's shaping up so far — have a sneaky peek if you want.

Once I'm happy with how it's working, I'll redirect the old URIs to the new entries, as I did with this site.