Photographing wildlife

· brazil ·

I've finally got around to uploading some of my photos from my Brazil trip this summer to Flickr. I've always admired wildlife photographers, but this year in particular, I'm in awe of them. It's incredibly difficult to get good shots of animals: even if the animals in question are not particularly shy, they are either moving too fast (how inconsiderate of them) or sitting in the least well-lit spot in any particular landscape.

I had some great opportunities to take photos of some wonderful animals this year, but I still managed to blow it much of the time. I could try to blame the fact that I've got a compact camera with a not very long lens, but the truth is that I just need to be a better photographer. If I got the animal still and in the right place, I managed to forget to set the aperture or ISO appropriately. If I had everything set up perfectly, the animal moved off at the last minute, just before the shot.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the photos, flawed though they are!