Party trick


My name inhieroglyphics{width="190” height="80”}In the pub on Friday night, someone in our group came up with a great party trick. He's a bona fide Egyptologist, and was getting lots of requests to write people's names out in hieroglyphics. You can see the translation of my name to the left. If there are any other Egyptologists in the house, I've just blown my anonymity. Or you might be thinking that 'get bent' is a funny name for a woman. One of the benefits of having specialist knowledge is that the majority of people don't know when you're talking--or writing--absolute tosh.

From now on, I will be the biologist formerly known as 'test tube in a Petri dish - vulture - half horizon - reed - Wellington boot with slug crawling in denoting female name'. It's possible that some of my interpretations of the pictograms might be a bit off.