Out of sync

· mumblings ·

Many of the stations along our local line have got new automated train information boards, plus automated announcements for approaching (or, more frequently not approaching just yet because they are delayed) trains. Sometimes they seem to get themselves a bit out of sync with reality.

It was absolutely slinging it down with rain this morning, so I decided that rather than starting the day completely drenched on my bike, I'd get the train instead. On the return journey, I was waiting at the station as a fast, non-stopping Virgin train ripped through. As the noise of the train finally receded into the distance, and the wind turbulence caused by its passing had returned the litter and leaves gently to the ground, the announcement tannoy crackled into life (this is paraphrased):

"This is an announcement for customers on Platform 1. Please stand well clear of the platform edge. The next train calling at Platform 1 will not be stopping at this station."

No. Really? There was a ripple of laughter around the station, and someone piped up, laughing, "Ah, it's the way they tell them..."