Orphaned items of clothing

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You know those sad, solitary items of unpaired clothing you see placed on walls or on the spikes of fences? Those orphaned, singular mittens and lonely socks? Have you found yourself wondering if they are ever reunited with their mate again? Well I can tell you that such happy reconciliations do occasionally happen.

Yesterday morning, I got yet another puncture on my bike, in the front tyre just like last time. I wasn't too far from home, so I decided to head back pushing my bike because I was running late for work. I stopped, took off my gloves and put them on my rear rack while I phoned Mr. Bsag to tell him to expect me back, then trudged back. It was only when I got back (fuming about the puncture) that I realised that only one of the gloves was still sitting on the rack. At which point I fumed a bit more.

Mr. Bsag travelled the same route later on and looked for the glove but could find no sign of it, so I was resigned to eventually ordering another pair. But what did I see coming towards the entrance to the park this morning, but my lost glove, mounted by some kind stranger on the branch of a shrub, waving cheerily at me. And there was much rejoicing...