One of those weekends

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Well, that wasn't the quiet, restful weekend we'd planned.

Mr. Bsag has been having terrible trouble with his teeth. Several teeth on one side hurt like hell, and were very sensitive to heat and cold. He made an emergency appointment with the dentist he was registered with in our old house, and -- diagnosing a build-up of plaque -- removed the plaque and said all would be well. But it continued to hurt badly, and on Friday, the whole of the lower half of his face had swollen up and he was having difficulty swallowing. In the meantime, I had managed to register him at our local dentist's (after registering with them myself earlier in the week), and we got another emergency appointment for him. It's not quite clear what the problem is, but it seems as if -- in scraping the plaque away -- the previous dentist might have introduced an infection into his gums. So he's on antibiotics, but has been feeling pretty bad all weekend. Mr. Bsag likes his food, and a husband unable to eat solids is not a happy husband.

He's feeling a bit better now, though still swollen, but it has been a weekend of sleepless nights and worry (for us both), and pain (for him).

To cap it all, someone bashed into my parked car in a supermarket car park, so I also spent some of the weekend on a wild goose chase to try and find a touch-up pen in the right colour, and trying to polish the scratches out. The damage is cosmetic, but it was a hassle I could have done without this weekend. Can I have another weekend instead of Monday morning, please?