New Pentax camera

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I was reading the latest MacUser magazine over breakfast this morning, and my attention was caught by a review for a new Pentax digital SLR. It's a lovely looking camera, and was given a rave review in Digital Camera Magazine, but the thing that struck me first was the name. It's called the *ist D. Yes, that is an asterisk.

I was so convinced that '*ist D' was the catastrophic outcome of some freak spell checker accident that I checked Pentax's own site, but it turned out to be the real name. What marketing department was responsible for that one, I wonder? I have this idea that they put the asterisk in as some kind of glob place holder for the first part of the name: "photoist, pictureist, digist, camist? Oh, forget it, let's go to the pub. Leave it as *ist, no-one will care. *ist D. For digital. Sorted."

What I'd like to know (and what isn't even discussed in any of the reviews I've seen) is how the blithering heck you're supposed to pronounce it.