New Farscape mini-series

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I have no idea when (or if) it will be shown in my backward bit of the galaxy, but there's a new four-hour Farscape mini-series being shown on the Sci Fi Channel on 17th October. You can see the excellent trailer on Apple's trailer page. The Save Farscape community should get huge kudos for their persistence in trying to persuade Sci Fi that there would be a big audience for more Farscape shows — it has finally paid off. Sci Fi pulled the series abruptly about a year ago, leaving a major (and truly cliff-hang-ery) plot thread dangling.

I'm pretty excited about this. I was/am a huge fan of the series; I can't think of another science fiction TV series which has been more innovative, better written or funnier. Like any sad and obsessed fan, I have a lot of the DVDs, and find that they bear a lot of repeated viewings, as there are always subtle plot details or jokes you miss the first (or tenth) time around. If you haven't seen it before and watch the trailer, do bear in mind that they have emphasised the action and explosions — the whole thing is generally much more subtle, sad and funny. And if you get the Sci Fi Channel, I would be eternally and undyingly grateful for a recording of some kind. :-D