Names for children inspired by fonts

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Dan Hon has a cracking piece on children's names inspired by fonts on his new blog. Some of them made me laugh out loud:

  • Copperplate (boy's name, ginger hair)
  • Comic Sans MS (only if you're an eccentric celebrity)
  • Monaco (probably already being used by Victoria Beckham or Madonna)
  • Rockwell (cowboy)
  • Schoolhouse Cursive B (exception that quite irritatingly does something to the rule)
  • SimSun (possibly something that would inadvertently either please or dishonour my parents)
  • Snell Roundhand (old money again)
  • Trebuchet (military family)
  • Wide Latin (mean mother making a comment about how her daughter should lose some weight)
  • Tahoma (surname probably Phoenix)
  • Mistral (girl's name)
  • Marker Felt (never going to work as a teacher)
  • Lucida Sans (quite posh girl)
  • Wingdings (see earlier comment about my parents, or possibly suitable for a chicken farmer's son)

It had me searching through the Fonts palette to find a few more. Plantagenet Cherokee (rugged yet sensitive) seems like quite a good name for the hero of a novel, and in honour of the rather dubious name for the new Intel Apple laptops, how about LiHei Pro?