Name My Playlist

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I don't very often make playlists in iTunes, because I primarily use it to feed my iPod and I don't mind just listening randomly to everything on that. But I've started to listening to iTunes more when I'm working in the office at home, and I fancied something a bit more... tailored.

I started out with a particular feel of song in mind, and manually constructed a playlist around that feeling. It's not a particular genre, but -- for me at least -- the songs I chose formed something quite coherent. They weren't just a random selection of songs. When I came to name the playlist, I realised that I couldn't put a name to that coherence. In a spirit of curiosity, laziness, and really wanting my playlist to have a name, I'm opening it up to you: Name My Playlist (like Pimp My Ride, but with less chrome and no Hip-Hop).

This is a small (but fairly random and representative) sample of the entire 54 song playlist. I have quite eclectic taste in music, so the chance is that not everyone will know all the songs listed, and even then you might not have any idea what I'm getting at, but I live in hope. Here it is:

If you fancy making a suggestion, post your playlist title in the comments. There are no prizes (or correct answers, for that matter), but huge respect and cultural kudos to anyone who gets close to hitting the nail on the head according to my own arbitrary and idiosyncratic criteria.