Morrissey gave me a hug last night

· mumblings · a dream, of course.

I was standing watching some kind of fireworks display outside. Morrissey came along and, smiling, said "Hello Woman". I smiled back and replied "Hello Man". In the dream it was clear that we were friends and this was our little ritual, a private joke. He stood behind me, wrapped his arms around me, and we watched the fireworks. He was wearing a big old woollen ex-military overcoat, and as I leaned back against it, it was slightly scratchy and musty smelling, but comforting. And that was more or less that. We watched the fireworks for a few minutes, then he said good-bye and left.

I have some vague memory that I read somewhere that Morrissey is one of the most dreamed-about people, along with more obvious icons like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. I tried a quick Google to see if I could locate the survey, but didn't have any luck.