More Getting Things Done

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Matt Henderson has written an interesting entry on Getting Things Done:

According to Peter Drucker, one of the defining aspects of our generation is the fact that, as a society of information workers, many of us are responsible for defining both what we do, and how we get it done. Complicating matters, many of us work in environments (i.e. in front of internet-connected desktop computers) that provide us with a continual barrage of inputs (email, chats, browsing, RSS feeds, phone calls, etc.). Defining what we should do, how should do it, and then getting (the right) things done are some of the biggest challenges we face.

He goes on to describe his system which primarily uses Life Balance in conjunction with Hog Bay Notebook. I find the details of how people manage and organise their lives fascinating. Matt's implementation of GTD is much more structured than mine, but that's probably a good way to get into a routine and increases confidence in the security of the system. I'm finding that confidence in the system is almost the most important thing. The minute I think that something might be slipping through the net, the whole system tends to start to fall apart. However, my trusty paper notebook is working out well, and I'm getting into the habit of carrying it all the time.