Monkey magic


Born from an egg on a mountain top, Funkiest Monkey that ever popped, He knew every magic trick under the sun, Tease the Gods and everyone can have some fun. Monkey magic, Monkey magic, Monkey magic, Monkey magic, Monkey magic, Monkey magic ooh!

[From Monkey (Magic)]

Sorry about that — I feel better now. Ah, life is good with Monkey back on the telly. I remember watching it as a kid and understanding very little of what went on, but finding the bad dubbing and hopeless special effects highly amusing. Very little has changed, except that I now have situations in which I could actually use some of the cool Buddhist sayings. Only the other week, I had a perfect opportunity to reprove someone with: "The eunuch should not take pride in his chastity", but I hadn't watched the video yet so missed my chance.

Update: Since I wrote this, I haven't been able to get that theme song out of my head. Whenever my brain is even vaguely unoccupied, "Monkey Magic, Monkey Magic" creeps in.