So, you probably noticed that I posted my first mobile blog entries yesterday and this morning, and wondered what was going on. Well, I was prompted to embark on this adventure--further freeing myself from the tyranny of cables--for the following reasons:

I don't know how often I'll actually blog on the move, but it is quite fun, and using Mfop2 was much easier than writing a custom script[1]. Even with a keyboard on the Treo, typing long articles isn't easy. And it may not always be obvious in the end product, but I do like to put a fair bit of time and thought into what I write, which isn't really compatible with blogging on a handheld. Still, it's nice to have an alternative for when I'm feeling spontaneous.

[1] Once I had hit my forehead in frustration after realising that the new entry was not showing on the index page because I hadn't included the new MoBlogging category in the template.