Michael Andrews and Gary Jules - Mad World

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Mad World - Michael Andrews and GaryJules{width=“65” height=“65”}

This is just a quick entry for my CD of the week, as I've recently mentioned this particular piece of music before. It's also unusual for me to cover singles, but this is a very honourable exception. When Caitlin mentioned that this single might just beat the legions of shoddy cover versions and excruciating pop pap to the Christmas number one slot, I immediately went out and searched for the single. After a bit of hunting, I found a copy, so I'd like to think that I've played some tiny part in its success. I've just heard that it has made it — 'Mad World' is number one for Christmas.

It is actually a great Christmas song, if only in the sense that it makes a perfect, downbeat accompaniment to fighting your way through Christmas shoppers. Try it — load the song up on your personal stereo of choice, slap the headphones on, and walk down the busiest shopping street in your home town or city.

All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere And their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow No tommorow, no tommorow

It just works, doesn't it?