Making an exhibition of himself


Mr. Bsag has been producing some cracking etchings1 and prints recently. I think they’re wonderful, and – at long last – other people are starting to think so too. This week, he’s had two prints accepted for two different exhibitions. The first is the Friends of the RBSA exhibition at the RBSA, and the second is the Birmingham Open at the Gas Hall, Birmingham. The RBSA exhibition runs until the 17th February, and the Birmingham Open runs from this Saturday until 29th April. If you’re in Birmingham and at a loose end for an hour or so, do go along. I think both exhibitions are free. Of course, if you also have a few quid knocking about, a space on a wall, and feel like buying Mr. Bsag’s work, that would be very welcome :-D.

1 Which, of course, gives him a legitimate reason for using the line, "Do you want to come up and see my etchings?", but only with me, unless he wants his etching hand broken...