Look Ma! No keys!


I really should stop reading MacSlash. Not only do I have to wade through a lot of trolls, I see something ultra-cool and ultra-geeky and I want it — and be damned with the expense. Needless to say, I want one of these zero-force keyboard replacements from Fingerworks. I tried to find out if there are any resellers in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, and came upon this German site, which sells the iGesture Pad. I love the description:

Fé¼hlen Sie sich wie Tom Cruise in Minority Report!

Now, I only did a year of German at school, and virtually all I remember is that the verb comes at the end, but I think we all know what that means. By coincidence, I've been getting a bit worried about RSI lately. I've started getting pains and nerve spasms in my hands. Yesterday, the little finger on my left hand kept twitching, and I ended up typing far too many 'a's. I wonder if I could wangle a Touchstream from the Occupational Health service at work?