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I spotted a link to a site called on the Textdrive forum, which claimed that it mapped similarities between bands or artists in a linked-node-and-path-type graphic. I like a lot of rather dissimilar bands, but also some who have particular connections to one another (like Mouthmusic and Talitha MacKenzie and Martyn Bennett, as one example), so I decided to check it out.

I problems with it in Safari, but it worked fine in Firefox. At least, I think it did... Off the top of my head, I decided to start with Kate Bush. She's had some interesting collaborations over the years, and I thought for sure that it would display Peter Gabriel close to her node.

Gabriel did indeed appear close by, as did some other similar artists like Bryan Ferry and David Bowie, but there was also a band called Krokus quite nearby. I'd never heard of them, so I did a search on Krokus out of curiousity. This image shows the result. How — in the name of Wuthering Heights — did Kate end up orbiting Iron Maiden and Mettalica like a small lost moon? Is there some bootleg heavy metal version of the Hounds of Love that I'm not aware of? I tell you, it's keeping me awake at night.