links for 2008-10-15

  • "Take the thumbscoop, for example. It’s the indentation that allows you to open the display. If the scoop is too deep, you put too much pressure on the display to open it. If it’s too shallow, you struggle to open the display. It may seem incidental, but if the thumbscoop is well designed, it makes the difference between a bad experience and a good one. The challenge of the thumbscoop was to create a crisply machined scoop that was still comfortable to use. The designers at Apple worked on hundreds of versions of the thumbscoop — even examining them under an electron microscope — to get it right." This is precisely why I like Apple products. When they get it right, the care and attention to detail is phenomenal. Even though they are mass produced, they feel crafted.
  • A great, simple idea: forget about the grids of traditional diaries or day planners and have a blank page with an analogue clock outline in the centre, on which you can mark off your appointments. Then the rest of the page is free to do whatever you want with. It acknowledges the fact that the stuff we do tends not to be evenly distributed over the day.