Light show

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In our house, we have our bedroom at the front. Generally, this is fine, because we both prefer the rooms we spend more time in (the kitchen, Mr. Bsag's studio, my office) to be at the back of the house, with a nicer view. However, there are two drawbacks to the location of the bedroom. One is that there is a pub opposite, so we sometimes get disturbed late at night by drunk people reeling away from a night spent imbibing as many lagers and/or alcopops as is humanly possible. The second is that there is a street lamp just outside our house. While it's handy as a free security light for the front of our house, it does make our bedroom rather light.

I can sleep through noise once I'm asleep -- I'm infamous in my family for sleeping through the Great Storm of 1987, while chaos raged all around -- but light invariably wakes me up. Over the year that we've lived here, I've more or less got used to the light levels in the room at night, but last night the wretched light decided to start randomly turning itself on and off as frequently as once every 20 seconds. It woke me up at 1am, and it was like being in a really tragic disco, with one white light randomly flashing away to the deafening sound of silence. I could see the change in light levels even with my eyes shut, so I was lying awake, waiting for it to turn on or off again, which nearly drove me crazy.

I think that it's about time we actually got our act together and got some light-proof material to line the curtains with. Otherwise I'm going to have to tie a bandanna around my eyes and blindfold myself before I go to bed.