Life in the Guardian


I'm starting to like the new 'Life' section in Thursday's Guardian. There are some interesting articles, like a piece entitled, "What does it take to cut off your own arm" about the climber who did a DIY amputation with a penknife. The answer was — not surprisingly — a lot of guts. The whole story made me feel sick just thinking about it.

The 'Bad Science' column is also a lot of fun. My favourite entry this week was the following, sent in by Derek Morris:

"As a retired physics teacher it was galling to see 300 years of science teaching set at nought by A Question of Sport. Ally McCoist's team were given the task of arranging a number of balls from different sports in decreasing order of weight. They decided to test them by a rough experiment assuming the heavier would fall faster..."

Oh dear.

Having 'Life' and 'Online' in the same section is another reason why Thursdays are great, even if I do now have to read 'Online' back to front because of some rather weird layout decisions by The Guardian. You have to read 'Online' from the back forwards, and 'Life' from the front backwards, and then they meet somewhere in the middle. I think that might be a metaphor for my life...