Leaving Feedburner

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Like many other bloggers, I’ve decided to move my site’s RSS feed away from Feedburner. Now that Google has decided to shut down Google Reader, Feedburner will certainly be next. I could have just reverted to advertising the original feed and setting up a redirect from Feedburner, but I did quite like having statistics on the number of subscribers.

I’ve therefore set up a feed at URI.LV, which offers statistics and some other nice features, and has clear instructions on migrating away from Feedburner. If I’ve set it up correctly, people already subscribed through the Feedburner URL should get seamlessly redirected to the correct URL. Also, it should mean that if I decide to move away from URI.LV or they close down, subscribers should just get directed back to the original feed, again, without any action needed on my part or theirs.

Let me know if you notice any glitches!