Kristin Scott Thomas

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It so happens that we seem to have watched an awful lot of films featuring Kristin Scott Thomas recently. First, there was the brilliant, funny Easy Virtue, in which she played a cold, arrogant English aristocrat who was the Mother-in-Law from Hell for the heroine. Then we saw a couple of French films, in which Kristin Scott Thomas played French or bilingual English-French characters: I've Loved You So Long and Tell No One. Admittedly, my French isn't brilliant, but she seemed utterly comfortable with the language, which I'm sure she is, having lived in France since she was a young woman.

It's odd because I've always though of her as a quintessentially English actress (think of her roles in The English Patient or Four Weddings and a Funeral), but actually, she is equally comfortable in French language films, and I've only just discovered that side of her work.

By the way, I've Loved You So Long (or Il y a Longtemps Que Je T'aime) is a fantastic film about forgiveness, and Scott Thomas gives a brilliant performance as a woman just released from prison and holding all her emotions inside.