Kids’ views on scientists

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I'm a very late with this, but I thought it made interesting, funny, illuminating and mildly depressing reading. The Science Learning Centre in London surveyed adolescents on their opinion of science and scientists.

Around 70% of the 11-15 year olds questioned said they did not picture scientists as 'normal young and attractive men and women' [...] They found around 80% of pupils thought scientists did 'very important work' and 70% thought they worked 'creatively and imaginatively'. Only 40% said they agreed that scientists did 'boring and repetitive work'.

Among those who said they would not like to be scientists, reasons included: 'Because you would constantly be depressed and tired and not have time for family', and 'because they all wear big glasses and white coats and I am female'.

[Via Boing Boing]