Just the ticket

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Yesterday I discovered the perfect antidote for reading too many undergraduate essays and spending four hours trying to explain complicated theoretical models when your head hurts: a glass of wine and Hustle (not to be confused with Hustler). It's frothy, knowing, ultra-glossy, and best of all it has a Man From U.N.C.L.E. You don't even need to trouble your brain with the plotâ€"just enjoy the fancy hardware and the frequent slow-motion shots of people in nice clothes walking away from office buildings. The slow-motion stylish walking is pointless, but surprisingly soothing to the troubled mind. There are also fertile Apple Mac^1^ spotting opportunities.

^1^ I felt that I should use the full designation here in case the word 'mac' conjured images of Columbo. The time that I did that Google search for "latex+mac" looking for LaTeX installations is still etched on my memory.