iPod surprises

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One of the joys of listening to an iPod on random play is that you occasionally hear a track so surprising that you would be prepared to swear in a court of law had absolutely nothing to do with you, because you have no recollection of putting it on the iPod, and you can't think why you would have done anyway.

As an example, I was happily listening to my iPod this morning, when the intro to a new track began:

[iPod] DUM-da-dum, DUM-da-dum...

[Me, because I already recognise the song] What the?

[iPod] DUM-da-dum, DUM-da-dum, It's not unusual to be loved by anyone, DA-da-da-da-da, It's not unusual to have fun with anyone...

[Me] Tom Jones! I swear that I'm not responsible for putting that on, officer — someone must have sneakily synchronised it over while I wasn't looking.

I'll tell you what though — nothing gets the hips a-swinging first thing in the morning like a good dose of the Jones the Voice. It did me the world of good. You see, my iPod knows me better than I do. There's lovely.