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My friend — Joe Kissell — has just re-launched his Interesting Thing of the Day. It's got new content and lots of great new features like an Audio Edition; perfect to put on your iPod for the commute in to work. If you haven't visited before, go and take a look. Joe is smart, funny and writes about an eclectic mix of Interesting Things. What more could you want? If you have been before, go and listen to the new Audio Editions — they are brilliantly done, and if it wasn't for the American accent, you'd think he worked for the BBC.

He has a great article up today about the foundations of San Francisco, which taught me a lot I didn't know about the city.

Update (5/6/04): With all the excitement about Joe relaunching, I forgot to mention that I had a very minor input to the site some time ago. After pontificating about conflicts of interests, I felt really guilty when I realised I hadn't mentioned it. I don't have any financial interest in it, though — just interest.