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My brother came up this weekend, and we decided to watch one of our Lovefilm acquisitions — Lundi Matin. Mr. Bsag and I have both seen it before, but my brother hadn't. I mentioned in my review of the film that it's full of visual non sequiturs, but it became one long non sequitur because of the dreadful scratching on the disc. All the discs we've had from Lovefilm before have been in pretty good condition, but this one looked as if someone had taken wire wool to it. Worse still, the scratches were circumferential, giving the laser a really hard time.

Do you remember that piece that Tomorrows' World did on CDs when they first came out? I remember distinctly that they covered a disc in jam, then wiped it off roughly before putting it in a CD player and announcing excitedly they they were almost indestructible. I hate to think that Judith Hann and Co. made a mistake (they knew everything!), but people seem to have been unduly influenced by that report. So remember — don't clean your rental DVD and CD media with Brillo pads, wire wool or sandpaper, or use them as drinks coasters. If you get fingerprints on them (or — heaven forbid — jam) wipe them gently in a radial direction with one of those cloths for cleaning spectacles.