In praise of Radio 4


You are all probably thoroughly fed-up with me wittering on about Radio 4, but I had to note the special feature about the station in the Radio Times. There's a picture of Stephen Fry on the front — looking blissful — with the quote, "It turns me on". Indeed.

It's certainly a national treasure. There are a few duffers of course, but the overall quality of the output is astounding. Recently, Radio 4 has also commissioned a great deal of new writing, which is very encouraging. The diversity of subjects is huge, and I've frequently looked at the listings to find a completely unexpected topic, which turns out to be riveting. Where else would you hear a series of short documentaries about a Bee Inspector*. The feature in the Radio Times also lists some upcoming programmes in the same vein: 'Forgotten Female Fossilists' and 'The Secret Life of Car Parks'.

I'm not the only one enthusing about Radio 4 at the moment: dvd has been singing the praises of 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue', and Tom Coates at is a recent convert.

* If only I had known that such a job existed when I was choosing a career. I can say with confidence that my school careers room didn't have any information about Bee Inspecting.