I'm ba-ack!

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I've come back with a cold, a cough that makes bystanders edge away from me for fear that I might have SARS and some fantastic memories. My ears also popped on the way back to earth and I now have interesting some interesting new auditory sensations -- an underwater sound complete with sonar ping in my left ear and a high pitched whistle in my right. Ah, the joys of air travel. I wouldn't normally whinge about illness on this page, but I've also got raging jet-lag so my willpower is low.

Normal service will hopefully resume soon, though I will fly in the face of chronology and post some more entries from Florida before I catch up with myself. It is also likely that none of this will make any sense tomorrow (or today, or whenever I am).

By the way, I notice that a couple of little trolls have visited the comments (see Smarten up your quotes and Tiny fluffy kittens) while I've been away -- what's the ettiquette: delete them or leave them there for the edification of others?