I’m an idiot

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There are times when I manage to do truly idiotic things. Take yesterday, for instance: I went into the city to get hold of a few things, including a set of hand weights. I'm still going the gym regularly, but I wanted to have some free weights at home to do extra arm and upper body exercises. So I went to Argos ('Home of the Laminated Book of Dreams!'), selected my chosen weights set, paid up and waited at the counter to collect my purchase. It was only at that point that I started to mentally add up the individual weights in the set. "Hmm, 19 kg. That's quite heavy. And I need to get 19 kg back home on the bus on my own. Hmm."

The Argos employee who fetched my purchase gave me an "Are you sure you can manage this?" look, but thankfully he didn't actually say anything. I gave him my best "Hey, I carry 10 boxes like this before breakfast" nonchalant smile, before staggering out of the shop. I got about 50 m in the direction of the bus stop before realising that carrying 19 kg in a cardboard box is just about the least comfortable option available. So I dumped the box on a bench and proceeded to hack into it with my Leatherman^1^. It was lucky I had it, because those plastic packing straps are almost impossible to break with your hands. Then I had to decide how to carry six individual weights. I had a rather small rucksack with me, which also contained some of my other purchases, so this was something of a challenge.

^1^ An anniversary present from Mr. Bsag, and proof that he knows me very well. It's a lovely tool, and I took great joy in using it every day in Brazil.