IE issues

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I've had a couple of reports of things looking crufty more crufty than usual in Internet Explorer 6. This is a bit baffling as I haven't done anything with either the layout or the CSS for a while. I've tidied up a few minor issues with both XHTML and CSS validation which had crept in (both validate properly now), and also tidied up a few long URLs in the 'Recent comments' section^1^. I even went so far as to sign up for a trial account with Browsercam to see how it looked. The main body seems fine, but the sidebar seems to disappear (or perhaps just display under the main content), and the thumbnails from Wings Open Wide don't display. Does this tally with what other IE users find?

While I don't want to lock out anyone unfortunate enough not to be able to choose their browser, I'm loathe to break the site validation just so that a cludge works in IE. The Browsercam showed that it looked just fine in every other Windows browser and Konqueror in Linux. Does anyone have a valid fix which will magically solve my problem?

^1^ A small plea: if you enter a URL in the comments, can you please encode it as a proper HTML link? e.g. a link. Otherwise it hangs uncouthly outside my sidebar. Thank you.