I can't believe it's a coincidence


As a kind of bribery/attempt to reinforce a positive association between XHTML-wrangling and pleasure, I treated myself to watching the DVD of Woody Allen's Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) on Monday night. I saw it ages ago, but it was fun to watch again. It's not a vintage Allen film by any means (the sketches are a bit variable in quality — some are hilarious while others are a bit so-so), but one line made me sit up and take notice. Gene Wilder plays a doctor treating an Armenian patient who is in love with a sheep. The doctor meets the ovine fatale in question and falls head over heels for her, sneaking off to a hotel and ordering caviar for himself and lawn clippings for the lady. Anyway, my point is that when the doctor introduces himself, he says his name is "Ross — Doug Ross". What? Surely the writers of ER didn't chose the name of the charming Dr. Ross at random? I'll never be able to watch old episodes of ER and see Doug Ross in the same way again.