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I've been trying out another bookmark storage service, which is currently in beta: Hyperlinkomatic. It has a great, slick interface, and a fast and flexible search engine to find what you want, which avoids that tricky problem of deciding what folder/category you're going to put a bookmark in. It even has an option for specifying a date range for the creation of the bookmark when you search, which is brilliant for those of us who can't remember anything salient about a bookmark, except that we stored it within the last week.

As with any online bookmark manager, there are big advantages to not having your precious links tied to any one browser or computer, and having them accessible from anywhere. At the moment, you can publish your links to a special page on their domain, but not on your own site. I've put in a feature request for an RSS feed of selected links, which would probably be the most flexible way to publish. There's also a built-in method of sharing bookmarks with your friends (if you have any using the service), which is very neat. It would be difficult for people to abuse as they need to know your username to share with you. You can also block other users if they send you piles of dross.

All in all, it's a pretty neat service, and seems to scale fairly well. I imported all my Safari bookmarks, and with 545 bookmarks, searches are still nearly instantaneous (well, as near as fairly slow broadband allows). Oh, and it's also made in the UK. Which is nice.