Hordes of The Things


I really enjoyed a recording on BBC7 at the weekend of 'Hordes of The Things': a superb Tolkien parody, co-written by John Lloyd, who also co-wrote 'The Meaning of Liff' with Douglas Adams, and produced by Geoffrey Perkins (of 'The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy' fame). With that kind of pedigree you'd expect great writing — and you wouldn't be disappointed. The fruitily-voiced narration is a very affectionate rip-off of the Lord of the Rings, with most of the familiar devices of the 'wizards and elves' genre being subverted.

In one hilarious scene, various individuals with assorted obscure and somewhat impractical gifts (such as the Windcharmer, who literally sweet-talks the winds) pompously introduce each other and argue about job demarcation. Our hero isn't informed about the ferocious serpent which dwells in the carverns because that is the job of the cavern-warner. There's also a minotaur called Stephen. I'd love to get hold of some scripts, but a cursory Google just brought up a lot of information about a Dungeons and Dragons type of game of the same name.