Home Comforts

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So, I'm back home again, after what feels like a very long three weeks. Brazil is (and continues to be) a wonderful, exciting country with truly lovely people, but what with one thing and another (none of which I really want to go into), it has been an exhausting period, and I'm glad to be back home. After a long, tough time away from home, there really is nothing more wonderful than your own bed, not to mention your own husband beside you in the bed^1^.

I've had a couple of days of trying to wade through the vast pile of email, real mail and other work that has accumulated in the time I've been away, and I'm beginning to feel that I might soon be able to catch glimpses of the carpet underneath the pile.

Mr. Bsag has also been busy during my absence, and has painted the living room, repainted three walls of my office on which we made a big colour mistake (and also cleaned up my sloppy brushwork around the edges), cut back some rampant laurel bushes in the garden and started treating the fences with wood preservative. The place looks much lighter, brighter and tidier than when I left.

I'll be back with tales of bats, giant flattened spiders and food impaled on swords in due course, but if you'll excuse me, there's a duvet I need to snuggle under.

^1^ By which I mean, of course, that I've slept alone, not that I've been sleeping beside someone else's husband. Just so that's clear.