Hands up Tinkers


Douglas Johnston has been developing a taxonomy of different archetypes of people who are constantly playing with their productivity systems: Tinkers, Tailors, Soldiers and Spies. It was immediately obvious to me which I was--like Douglas, I am a Tinker. To quote him:

  • "The Tinker is the consumate tweaker for tweaking's sake." Oh, that's me all right.
  • "...modify existing setups (even if they already work fine)". Check.
  • "Tinkers are far less concerned about using the system than the idea of creating it...". Check.
  • "Fascinated by planners, bags and utensils with multiple uses, hidden compartments...". Oh my, yes.
  • "...the Tinker might also carry a Swiss Army Knife, Leatherman..." Check!

Hey, has he been going through the hidden compartments in my multi-purpose bag?