Greetings from Edinburgh

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I had my first morning off since I've been in Edinburgh, so I decided to go for a bit of a wander. Two solid days of sitting down, listening and hard thinking had given me itchy feet. I had a bit of a wild goose chase to a cycle shop that Mr. Bsag was thinking of buying a bike from. I suggested that I could go and check out the bike he was interested in, but it was just my luck that the shop was closed today for stock-taking.

Anyway, I covered a reasonable fraction of the city centre and stretched my legs a bit. I think my favourite find this morning was seeing the "Burke and Hare Lapdancing Club". That establishment wins today's prize for 'Most Bizarre and Disturbing Juxtaposition of Images'. I get the impression that Edinburgh's citizens have a rather dark sense of humour. I like it.