Grassroots Channel

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Anyway, I was intrigued, and I'm interested in local issues, so I gave it a listen. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Grassroots really shows off the benefit of podcasting for community organisations, and some of their features are so well done that national broadcasters would be proud to have produced them. In particular, The Worst Slum in Europe is a fascinating conversation between community activist Natalie Brade, and Birmingham City Councillor, Sir Albert Bore. Natalie was part of a group of residents of a seriously run-down estate, Lee Bank, trying to get improvements in their appalling living conditions from the Council.

The conversation is wonderful because it's mostly just between the two of them, rather than having an interviewer trying to polarise the debate. They tease one another (Bore describes the demonstrations of Natalie's group as "bloody embarrassing" at one point, with a smile in his voice), but they listen to what the other has to say, and they clearly respect one another. It's a pity that politics can't be like that more often, and the results that Natalie's group achieved is quite an inspiration.

Even if you don't live in Birmingham, you might find it an interesting listen.