Government Health Warning

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Forget about banning drivers from using mobile phones without a hands-free set while driving--listening to I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue while driving ought to be illegal. I'm not sure if there was more water on the windscreen or in my eyes while Barry Cryer gave an unbelievable rendition of the Beach Boy's 'Barbara Anne' to the tune of a Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto. A close second was Graeme Garden's rendering of the lyrics of 'A Windmill in Old Amsterdam' to the tune of 'Mr. Tambourine Man' by Bob Dylan, which was scarily plausible.

ISIHAC is a national treasure which should have listed status. When I'm feeling as low and as stressed as I am at the moment--as if I'm trying to run up a very long 'down' escalator--it's one of the few things that can completely pick me up and make me forget about everything I've got to do. But make sure you practise safe driving--don't laugh and drive!