Go-go-go cart


My Sunday early evening treat is watching Scrapheap Challenge (and Andromeda, but that's a guilty pleasure). This week's challenge was a particular treat — the teams had to build a jet-propelled racer. If you've never seen a jet-powered go-cart zooming down a dragster track, then — by crikey — it's about time you did! The cognitive dissonance involved in seeing something that looks like a shopping trolley making a sound like a 747 on take off nearly killed me.

The element of danger is always an appealing part of Scrapheap Challenge, and the heady combination of tanks of propane and kerosene and spark plugs in close proximity to a rather scantily-protected driver gave quite a frisson of excitement to the proceedings. Not that I want anyone to be hurt, I hasten to add — I just like to see things burst into flames, which one of the vehicles obligingly did on this occasion. Excellent.