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Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt.

I am not a woman who swoons, but following the liveblogging of the Apple Keynote on Macrumorslive -- waiting with bated breath for every 60 second auto-refresh (Quick! I've got 60 seconds to run to the bathroom...) -- I very nearly had a quiet geekly swoon.

So shiny.

It's not just the amazing hardware advances (a multi-touch touchscreen, 2 MP camera, 8GB memory, and two batteries in that tiny, elegant package), but the wonderful software implementations (automatic flipping of the layout of a photo or webpage from portrait to landscape as you tilt the phone, proximity sensors, etc, etc.). And the colours! And the shiny, lovely icons!

Ahem. Forgive me. I haven't been quite this breathlessly excited about an Apple Keynote in a couple of years. They've had some lovely stuff, but nothing that really blew the top of my head off. When I heard the rumours about an iPhone, I was sure that it was going to a) not appear, or b) be a bit of a disappointment. I really don't know quite how they've done it, but they certainly haven't disappointed.

Oh dear, I can see that I've got some serious saving and cost justifications to make to Mr. Bsag before the end of this year. And I bet the mobile phone company they use in the UK isn't who my existing contract is with.