Lordy, it was windy today. All the remaining leaves have been shaken from the trees in one go, and odd eddies have swept them into strange, regular piles. Our fence, weakened by the local kids' obsession with clambering over it, was creaking back and forth alarmingly.

The weird weather put us in the mood for unsettling cinema, we went to see the film "Donnie Darko" at our local independent cinema, The Phoenix. After the, now familiar, readjustment of the projector (The Phoenix has an endearing habit of not lining it up properly - I imagine them in the booth, hastily bunging another phone directory under the stand), we settled down to watch this bizzare film.

And I loved it - it's funny, disturbing, original and features the world's most sinister rabbit. I'm not kidding, I'm going to have nightmares about that bunny tonight, you mark my words. It even had excellent music: Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, and a cover version of Mad World by Tears for Fears, which was much better than the original. There's also a superbly smarmy cameo by Patrick Swayze, of all people. Highly recommended.