I've had a frustrating weekend. For a couple of weeks my posts have been slightly sparser than usual because I've been distracted by trying to set up a new site for Mr. Bsag to sell his paintings from. This was supposed to be a fairly leisurely affair on my part, as there was no great deadline looming. However — as it has a habit of doing — fate intervened, and the other half got an exhibition of his work at a local alternative therapy clinic (which also has gallery space to soothe patients while they wait for their appointments). So now I really want to get the site up and running so that visitors to the exhibition can follow up by visiting the online gallery — and this is the main point — buy lots of paintings so that we can pay our rent next month.

But I'm finding trying to do a full time job in the day and build a fairly complex website from scratch in the evenings and weekends pretty exhausting. I thought that I'd got a nice structural, standards-compliant markup sorted out late last week, but when I checked it in other browsers it broke rather spectacularly. Gah! I had intended to get the bulk of it done this weekend, but I ended feeling so tired and dispirited by the whole thing that I got practically nothing done. I need a break...