Friday thoughts

· mumblings ·

It has been a tough week. In consideration for my poor, tired brain, I will just comment on a couple of more than usually inconsequential things that crossed my mind today.

  1. Is there anything more frustrating than an unopened (or only very slightly open) roasted pistachio nut? I would add unopened mussels to that list, but when they don't open after cooking, it usually means they're dead and would give you no end of gastro-intestinal distress if you ate them. Pistachios just do it out of spite.
  2. Young man! Yes, you on the 50cc moped styled to look almost, but not entirely unlike^1^ a Harley. You're fooling no-one with that riled wasp engine note. Get a Vespa and salvage some dignity and self-respect, for pity's sake.

^1^ Thank you, Douglas Adams, for that wonderful phrase. →