Free web app icons

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Now that I've released the next version of what is now called Tracks, the awful realisation has hit me that my icon designing skills leave everything to be desired. The icons I made for Tracks are grey blobs. All of them. So I'm on the hunt for some replacements. I'd like some 16x16 pixel icons for edit, delete, show note and perhaps also a 'done' bullet point (a tick or checkmark in a circle).

IconExperience and IconBuffet both have beautiful royalty-free icons which would be ideal, but as I'm not making any money out of Tracks, I can't really afford their packages. Also, I only need a few of the icons, so a full package wouldn't be very good value for me. Does anyone know of any free (as in beer and speech) sources of suitable icons? Or does anybody feel like contributing something of their own? Tracks is GNU GPL licensed now, so I can offer you only the undying gratitude and rapt admiration of everyone who has to peer at my blobs and wonder, "Is that an edit symbol, or a delete symbol? Uh-oh."