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My parents live in a very suburban part of Surrey^1^, but they have always attracted a lot of wildlife to their garden. They have plenty of bird feeders and get a wide variety of avian visitors, and they've seen foxes regularly for a number of years. Recently, however, they've been getting species that you don't usually associate with suburban gardens, like roe deer. The foxes have also been getting tamer (probably partly because my parents and some of their neighbours put out food for them), and they spend a lot of time relaxing in the garden during daylight hours, rather than visiting at night just to grab some food.

I visited at the weekend, and saw their latest wild/tame fox. It comes right down to the bottom of the garden, near the house, and lounges around on the lawn. You can go outside and stand a few metres away from it, and it just carries on with what it is doing. I went out and took some photographs here and here, and it more or less ignored me. I love watching wild animals, and it's a real privilege when a wild animal carries on with its life while you watch from close quarters. It came over to collect some of the dog food, then went and buried a few pieces in a nearby flower bed. I don't think it would be there when it went back for it later, because there were a couple of magpies nearby, carefully noting where the food was stored. Apparently, the magpies often try to steal its food, but it cleverly waits calmly until my Dad comes outside and scares the magpies off, then goes back to feeding. It's certainly not malnourished and has the sleek, well-fed look of a pampered, Stockbroker Belt fox.

^1^ Well, most of Surrey is very suburban, to be fair.