Found objects

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This site exhibits a plethora of strange found objects (photographs, notes and so on), which give tantalizing or bizzare glimpses into other people's lives. The photographs are particularly poignant. Strangely addictive.

Some of the photographs reminded me of those we found at my great aunt's after she died. She was a spinster (what a truly awful word) in her nineties when she died, and to us children was a slightly fierce old lady. But the photographs revealed another side to her entirely - young, happy and having a laugh with her friends. One wonderful sepia print (probably from about the 1920s or 30s) showed my great aunt in a group of male and female friends, drinking cider in a cornfield, laughing and smiling. It was like a scene from "Cider with Rosie", and almost impossible to reconcile with the old lady we knew.