Float Flub Fixed!


My cry for help was answered, and the problem is now fixed. Richard Eriksson emailed me with the following information:

You'd be surprised how common your problem is. In my redesign [1], I came across the same bug. But I stole the code from somewhere, tweaked it, and it was later revealed for all (by someone else [2]). [1] http://www.richarderiksson.com/movableblog/ archives/redesign_snag0105.php [2] http://www.zeldman.com/daily/0103d.shtml#tweaks Hopefully that helps. Be sure to read the comment in [1] as well. Richard

Zeldman describes the problem and solution better than I could, but the Javascript snippet -- written by Aaron Boodman -- seems to work fine. I have had to turn off the Nice Titles Javascript, though. dvd emailed me to tell me that, while the Boodman script fixed the problem, as soon as you mouse over a Nice Title enabled link, it breaks again. Since I didn't exactly have a flood of approving comments when I introduced Nice Titles (no one commented either way), it probably won't be missed -- except by me. Sniff.

Anyway, thanks to all who commented, and do let me know if there are still problems.

Update. Despite wanting to give masses of Brownie points and and thanks to Richard, and despite his name being clearly available in his URL, I managed to misspell it: one k and two s's. I've corrected it now - sorry Richard!