Finally, it’s done

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After what seems like an unbelievably long and painful gestation, Mr. Bsag's gallery site has finally been born. I feel slightly awkward about advertising it here, but I'm hoping that no-one will object too much to what Lisa called "a plug for something in the family".

It isn't perfect by any means. I had to make a lot of compromises in all kinds of areas to get it done in a reasonable amount of time. It's much less fancy than I was hoping, but I can always tinker a bit with it later. I also have no doubt that it will fail in all sorts of horrible ways on other platforms and browsers. If anyone has the energy to send me a bug report, please do. I really couldn't bring myself to check the validation this weekend, so I make no claims about its compliance with standards.

If any of you actually feel like buying anything, please feel free! We (and our bank manager) would be pretty happy about that...